System Flags

System flags indicate the student's status for collateral operations on a term-by-term basis, such as billing, grade reporting, and schedule mailings. They are displayed on Screen 111, Student Academic Term Detail.

The following table shows the system flags and their status:



Program Notice

if the student has been mailed a schedule for the term. If a student's schedule changes, this flag may be reset so that the student will be mailed an updated schedule.

Grade Report

whether the student has been mailed a grade report for the term. If the student's grades change, this flag may be reset so that the student will be mailed an updated grade report.

Tuition Calc

when the student is registered for courses tuition calculation needs to be performed.

Special Tuition Rate

if the student is to be charged a tuition rate other than the normal one.

Penn Tuition Calc

whether a regular (first time) or drop/add calculation has been performed by the system. A "regular" billing calculation is performed only once per student per term. A drop/add billing calculation is performed interactively throughout the term to adjust the student's charges based on registration activity.

Tuition Calc Date

the date the last tuition calculation was performed.

All of the system flag fields are populated automatically by SRS when the data in question is updated. However, all but the Penn Tuition Calc and Tuition Calc Date can be modified.

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