Academic Term Detail

111 Student Academic Term Detail             SMITH,JOANNE L


Screen: ___  SID: 123456789  Course: __________  Term: 92A SPRING 1992


Current Terms:       A C A D E M I C    P R O G R A M S

           Div Deg Major Concn Clc Pcls Minor  School Entry   Pgm   Max     Del

  Primary: COL BA  NMAJ   ___  FR  FR   ____    AS     CO     ___  5.50      _

                   ____   ___           ____

                   ____   ___           ____

Secondary: WH  BS  ACCT   ___  FR  FR   ____    WH     CO     ___  5.50      _

                   ____   ___           ____

                   ____   ___           ____

                                 Program Relationship: D     Primary Switch: _

         ACADEMIC STANDING                    SYSTEM FLAGS

           Dean's List: N                  Program Notice: 2

       Director's List: __                   Grade Report: 0

       Academic Status: __                   Tuition Calc: Y

           Time Status: P                  Spec Tuit Rate: __

              Override: _                  Penn Tuit Calc:

          Dissertation:                    Tuit Calc Date:

          Desired Load:  4.00      Medical Classification: __

      PhD Term Counter: __                Advisor Signoff: _

             Birthdate: 111111            Last Maint Date: 05-02-00


In SRS, academic records include both APS entries and academic term detail. Academic term detail is academic data related to a specific term. Academic term detail forms the basis of all other student academic records: transcripts, student reports, and enrollment reports. It is the basic unit of student matriculation record-keeping.

Term details are student academic data that are maintained on a term-by- term basis. Some of this data must be asserted every term in which it applies. Other data roll (carry over) from one term to the next.

The following academic term detail rolls data term-to-term:

- primary and secondary academic programs

- majors

- minors

- School of Education and CGS special programs codes

- program relationships of dual degree programs

- academic status

- honors student indicators (program)

The following academic term details do not roll:

- athletic codes

- athletic eligibility

- changes in credit load values

- changes in tuition calculations

- Dean's and Director's Lists

- time status (full-time, part-time or dissertation)

- foreign study special programs

- transcript honors

- ROTC participation

- GI certification

Student classification works somewhat differently than the other student term attributes. A student's default classification is determined from his or her academic program.

Some graduate academic programs keep students in the same classification throughout their program, so the default classification is always the term detail classification.

The default classification for undergraduates is Freshman. Except for transfer students, all students start as freshman. Every time student grades are calculated, student classification is calculated based on the amount of credit students have, and the classification is changed accordingly. This means that classification for a term represents classification as of the BEGINNING of that term. Courses taken during Term X do not apply toward the student's classification in Term X.

Some professional programs also have classifications that change from term to term. In these programs, students START at the default classification or whatever classification is asserted in the APS entry. Every term, student classification may change and the change must be asserted in the student term attributes. Professional classifications ARE NOT calculated by the system.

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