Closing an Academic Program

110  Academic Program Maintenance              SMITH,JOANNE L


Screen: ___  SID: 123456789  Course: __________   Term: 92A  Career: __



Seq   Acad Pgm   Cls Car  Ent Exit      Div: WH   WHARTON UNDERGRADUATE


 2  WH  BS  ACCT  FR  U   91A 91B       Maj: ACCT ACCOUNTING

 3  COL BA  ENGL  FR  U   90A 94A     Class: FR      Level: U    School: WH

 4                                   Career: U     Catalog: ___  Cohort: _

                                  Prev Schl: 0000000

                                  AutoTRACK: _

                                         Term/Date  Action/Reason

                                   Entry: 91C       RL RETURN FROM LEAVE

                                    Exit: 94A       EG EXPECTED GRADUATION

                                          ________  __

                                   Final: ________  __


                                    Exp Rtn Leave: ___

                                    Exp Grad Term: 94A

                                   Deg Ckout Term:        Deg Ckout Status:

                                   Degree Awarded:

_                                                                   Delete:


All APS entries have boundaries: a beginning term with entry action and an ending term with exit action.

To close an APS entry, you must assert an ending action. Closing an academic program ends the student's matriculation in that program. This means that the student can only register if he or she has another active APS.

All APS entries are closed with an exit term. The exit term is the last term that the matriculation is valid.


If a student goes on leave of absence for the Spring 1991 term, his last valid matriculation term is Fall 1990.

The exit term on his APS entry will be 90C (Fall 1990).

All APS entries are closed with exit action. Here are some examples of exit actions:

- LV (leave of absence)

- WD (withdrew)

- JE (judicial expulsion)

- GD (graduation)

Most exit actions require reasons for the action. This information is important for attrition studies at the University.

Examples of exit reasons include:

- financial

- medical

- personal

All actions require reasons except:

- expected graduation

- program end

- graduation

Opening or closing one program of a dual-degree or submatriculation does not have any automatic effect on the other program in SRS. If a student is entering into or leaving both programs, each program must assert its own entry/exit dates and reasons.

To close a student's APS entry:


Establish the context by entering the SID on Screen 110.


Tab to the SEQ number at the left of the MATRICULATION HISTORY line that you want to change.


Press Enter.


Tab to EXIT TERM and type the 3-character term code for the final term the student will be active in that academic program.


On the ACTION/REASON line, type the appropriate exit ACTION code or use the PF2 on-line help key.


Type the date on which the action takes effect, in MMDDYY format, in the line below the term.


Tab to the next ACTION/REASON line and type the appropriate exit REASON code or use the PF2 on-line help key.


Press Enter.

For entries that require a second ending action, see Multiple End Actions: Using Final Action.

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