Athletic Eligibility Information

119 Term Report Flags     FR    COL BA  NMAJ   SMITH,JOANNE L

                          FR    WH  BS  ACCT

Screen: ___  SID: 123456789  Crs: __________   Term: 92A



                                                              CODE   ROSTER


                                                            1: __      __

     Joint Degree Pgm: _                                    2: __      __

       Honors Program: _                                    3: __      __

    Plus/Minus Option: _                                    4: __      __

       Certificate in: ____                                 5: __      __

                     : _

 COL Pilot Curriculum: _                                      PDR:

    Trnscrpt Honors 1: _                                 Eligible:

    Trnscrpt Honors 2: _                                     Date:

       FT/PT Override: _                                 Override: _

                 ROTC: _

      Advisor Signoff: _

     GI Certification: _

             APR Flag: __

   College House Code: ____

 Next ID: _________                                Date Last Maint: 05-02-00


Students must be academically eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics at Penn. SRS provides athletic participation information in the student academic term detail. Athletic codes and Participation data should only be entered in SRS by approved staff members of the Athletic Departments.

The sports for which a student may be eligible DO NOT roll from term to term, and his or her participation in for those sports does not. You must enter athletic eligibility & participation for participating students each term.

To assert a student's athletic participation:


Establish the context by entering the SID and TERM on Screen 119.


Press Enter.


Tab to 1 under the ATHLETIC CODES area of the screen. Type the appropriate code for the sport for which you are asserting athletic participation. Tab to ELIG field. Type Y(Yes) if student participated in this sport. Type N (No) if student was eligible to play but did not participate in this sport.


If you are asserting participation status for more than one sport;

- Tab to the next ATHLETIC CODES field and type the

appropriate code(s) of the sport(s) for which you

are asserting eligibility.

- Type Y (yes) or N (no) for participation.


Press Enter.

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