Academic Program Summary (APS)

APS is an abbreviation for Academic Program Summary. A student's APS may consists' of a series of entries, each marked by the entry into and exit out of an approved academic program. APS entries define the time periods that students are matriculated at the University of Pennsylvania in each of their academic programs. The boundaries of an APS entry are further defined by the kind of action that begins and ends the entry.

The boundaries indicated in an APS entry restrict the student registrations and certifications to the terms defined by those boundaries.

Entry actions are actions that open an APS entry.


- regular admit (AD)
- transfer admit (AT)
- return from leave (RL)
- readmitted (RA)
- admitted to dual-degree program (DD)
- submatriculate admit (AS)

Exit actions are actions that close an APS entry.


- expected graduation (EG)
- internal transfer (TR)
- leave of absence (LV)
- withdrew (WD)

Most exit actions require reasons for the action. This information is important for attrition studies in the University. Examples of exit reasons include:

- financial (FI)
- medical (MD)
- personal (PE)

All exit actions require reasons except:

- expected graduation (EG)
- program end (EP)
- graduation (GD)

APS entries define the period of time that a student is matriculated at the University of Pennsylvania. For this reason, all actions define a new APS entry, even if the student stays in the same academic program.


A student is admitted to the Graduate Fine Arts Division.
His first APS entry will consist of the academic program,
the admitted term and the expected graduation term. When the
students takes a leave of absence for a semester, the first
APS entry's exit action is changed from expected graduation to
leave of absence. When he returns from leave, a NEW APS entry, which
consists of the same academic program, the return from leave
term and a new expected graduation term is entered into the system.

An exception to the above rule is if a student plans a leave of absence, an APS entry is made with the exit date, and then does not take the leave for whatever reason. If the APS has been closed, simply remove the exit data and re-enter the original exit information.

Rule: SRS does not allow an exit term on one APS entry
to be the same as the entry term on another entry
into the same program.

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