Academic Probation Process

When the academic performance of an undergraduate student does not meet the standards of the school in which he or she is enrolled, that student may be placed on probation. The student may be warned that if the poor performance continues, he or she may be placed on mandatory leave of absence or dropped.

The general process for using the probation screens is described in this section. Specifics--such as evaluating candidates--vary widely from one division to another.

Candidates for probation are determined by the system based on academic criteria. The system does not put a student on probation: it selects candidates for probation. Each candidate is reviewed by a qualified representative or committee appointed by the division, who decides what official action will be taken.

The process for initial selection of candidates being recommended for probation requires that batch jobs be submitted. The jobs SRC0001N, Determine Probation Status, and SRC0003N, End of Term Probation Report, can be requested from ISC Operations, or your division may choose to request access to the on-line submit screen in Dialog Manager.

See your School's systems analyst or appropriate representative for more information. The probation batch jobs directly update the on-line probation screens, and the screens cannot be used independently of the batch jobs.

The probation process:


The batch job SRC0003N, End of Term Probation Report, is run to clear out the previous semester's probation activity, turning that information into "history".


The batch job SRC0001N, Determine Probation Status, is run to start up a new probation cycle. This job cannot be run until the Registrar has run an official "grade calc" for the previous term's grades.

If the batch job which creates records for potential probation candidates does not pick up all the students (for example, not all the grades were submitted on time), another probation job, SRC0001S, Special Probation Processing, can be requested for specific SIDs.


The same batch job generates a request for job SCR0002N, Probation Candidacy Report. This written report is reviewed, along with any other relevant student information, by the responsible committee for the division. Probation decisions are communicated to the person responsible for entering data into the system.


The division enters the committee's decisions into the system, and notifies the students of all decisions. If the decision requires that an academic action be taken -- such as putting the student on a mandatory Leave of Absence -- the division takes the appropriate action at this time.


Throughout the term adjustments may be made, as necessary, to the current probation records. At times, such changes or corrections may require that the division again change the student's academic program --such as rescinding a Leave of Absence.


At the beginning of the next term, the cycle is repeated.

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