Repeated Courses
Academic Records

In some cases, it is legitimate for a course to be taken more than once -- special topics, for example. Sometimes students repeat courses to get better grades or to pass requirements.

Normally, when students repeat courses:

- the academic record contains both courses

- both course are on the transcript

- both course are included in academic statistics

SRS does not do anything with repeated courses automatically. That is, all courses will have the originally assigned grade type and will be included in academic statistics. If you want to indicate that the repeated course is NOT to be included in the calculation of the academic statistics, you may change the grade type to RX.

Courses with grade type RX will appear on the transcripts with the credit value in parentheses.

113 SCE Maintenance      JR    COL BA  HIST    SMITH, JOHN


Screen: ___  SID: 123456789  Crs: __________   Term: 02A


                                                                 R D

                            Gr Off Prv Rpt Ldr Gr  Career Ptr    e i    SCE

Ln St Course ID    Credit   Ty Grd Grd Grd Grd Sc  P 1  2  3     p v    Date

                  _____     __ ___         ___ __  _ __ __ __    _     ________


 1 E HIST-021-203  1.00 CU     A-              UC  1                   05-07-02

 2 E NURS-112-001  1.00 CU     A-              UY  1                   05-07-02

 3 E HIST-021-001  0.00 CU  NG                     1                   11-20-01

 4 E HIST-091-401  1.00 CU     A   A-          UC  1                   10-22-08

 5 E ARTH-102-001  1.00 CU     A               UC  1                   05-14-02

 6 E ARTH-102-209  0.00 CU  NG                     1                   01-13-02








      Registered:  4.00 CU                      Page 1 of 1        Next Page _


To change a grade type on a repeated course:


Establish the context line by entering the SID and TERM on Screen 113.


Press Enter.


Tab to the space directly to the left of the line number of the SCE of the repeated course.


Press Enter.


Tab to the space directly below the GR TY field

- If the REPEATED COURSE IS not to be counted for credit type RX.

- If the REPEATED COURSES IS to be counted for credit leave blank or

type GR or any valid student options.


Press Enter.

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