Academic Records

Academic records are histories of student's academic experiences and achievements at the University of Pennsylvania and relevant academic work from other institutions. Available to authorized parties within the University, the academic record includes admissions information, standardized test scores, courses taken, equivalent credits, grades, honors, degrees and other items relevant to students' academic careers.

Transcripts contain only that information from the academic record that may be appropriately viewed by parties outside the University.

In SRS, transcripts do not exist separately from academic records. Every time a transcript is produced, either on-line or on paper, it is produced DIRECTLY from the academic record. Therefore, changes to the academic records are reflected IMMEDIATELY in the transcripts.

Because SRS is an integrated system, all parts of the system contribute to academic records. Much of the information in this chapter is also covered in other chapters of this manual, from varying user perspectives. When more detailed information is available in other parts of the manual, it will be noted.

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