Changing Pass/Fail Grade Types on Courses
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You cannot change grade types on SCEs on the registration screens (1A4 or 104) after students are enrolled in the courses. If a student wants to change a course from a normal grade to a pass/fail grade or vice versa, you must do so on Screen 113, SCE Maintenance.

University policy states that students may not change grade types between pass/fail and normal grading after the end of the fifth week of class or the last day to drop courses.

Prior to 1992 Wharton Undergraduate division used a pass/no credit grade type instead of pass/fail. Courses that were failed, or not for credit, DID NOT appear on the transcripts.

Authorized users may change the grade type on an SCE after the course has been graded. When you change a grade type from normal to pass/fail, the official grade automatically becomes the correct transformed grade. When you change a grade type from pass/fail to normal, the official grade automatically becomes the reported grade.

For more information on grading and pass/fail courses, see the section on "Grading".

113 SCE Maintenance      JR    COL BA  HIST    SMITH, JOHN


Screen: ___  SID: 123456789  Crs: __________   Term: 02A


                                                                 R D

                            Gr Off Prv Rpt Ldr Gr  Career Ptr    e i    SCE

Ln St Course ID    Credit   Ty Grd Grd Grd Grd Sc  P 1  2  3     p v    Date

                  _____     __ ___         ___ __  _ __ __ __    _     ________


 1 E HIST-021-203  1.00 CU     A-              UC  1                   05-07-02

 2 E NURS-112-001  1.00 CU     A-              UY  1                   05-07-02

 3 E HIST-021-001  0.00 CU  NG                     1                   11-20-01

 4 E HIST-091-401  1.00 CU     A   A-          UC  1                   10-22-08

 5 E ARTH-102-001  1.00 CU     A               UC  1                   05-14-02

 6 E ARTH-102-209  0.00 CU  NG                     1                   01-13-02








      Registered:  4.00 CU                      Page 1 of 1        Next Page _


To change a grade type on an SCE:


Establish the context line by entering the SID and TERM on Screen 113.


Tab to the space directly to the left of the line number of the SCE for which you want to change grade types.


Press Enter.


Tab to the space directly below GR TY.

- Type PF, if you want to change the grade type to pass/fail.

- Blank out the field by typing spaces, if you want to change the

grade type to normal grading.


Press Enter.

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