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A career is all of the student's academic record that is applicable to a specific degree or academic program and that appears on a single transcript. A career is NOT the same as an academic program. A career may consist of one or more academic programs.

A student who starts at Penn in Wharton undergraduate division and transfers to the Engineering undergraduate division has two academic programs, but only one career - undergraduate.

A student who received an undergraduate degree in Nursing from Penn and returns two years later to receive a Master of Science in Nursing has two academic programs and two careers: undergraduate and nursing masters.

All academic programs have a default career code associated with them. The career code is displayed on the students' records on Screen 110, Academic Programs and Screen 121, Academic Program Summary, and is retrieved from Screen 134, Approved Academic Programs. The work associated with the academic program appears on the transcript which is determined by the career code.

All Ph.D. academic programs have career codes beginning with "P". All Ph.D. careers contain all Ph.D. course work, regardless of division of study, as well as any precursor Penn professional masters work that led to the Ph.D. program.

Example: An MS in Nursing is a precursor masters degree to a Ph.D. in Nursing. The work done while in this program is included with

work done in Nursing Ph.D. program. If the student changes Ph.D. programs, all of the work is included with work done in the other

Ph.D. program.

In some instances, you can override the career code associated with an academic program when you want to have the work associated with that academic program applied to a different career.

Sometimes, students attend Penn through the College of General Studies or as a summer student before being admitted as a new undergraduate student. These students are referred to as pre-baccalaureate students and the course work they take is part of their pre-baccalaureate career. You may want to include that summer work as part of their regular undergraduate career rather than have it appear on a separate transcript. To do this, you override the pre-baccalaureate career code (U0) with the regular undergraduate career code (U).

The possible career override codes and what they are used to override:






Summer session and undergraduate careers



Summer session and pre-baccalaureate careers





Dual-degree DSW/AM

Either Social Work or Ph.D. Graduate Arts & Sciences career


Dual-degree MSN/AM

Either Nursing or Graduate Arts & Sciences Master's career


Dual-degree MSE/MBA

Either Engineering or Business Administration Master's career


Other overrides

See PF2 values on screen 110 for complete set of values

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