Changing Grade Schemes
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Every SCE, or Student Course Entry, has a grade scheme associated with it. The grade scheme is derived from the division of the student and it defines the kinds of grades and credits the student may receive for a course.

Example: A Wharton undergraduate student and a Wharton graduate

student who are taking the same course will get different grades. The

undergraduate student will get a Wharton undergraduate grade and the

graduate student will get a Wharton graduate grade.

SRS automatically assigns course work to careers based on the rules that determine the most likely career to which course work belongs. The grade schemes follow the division of the career.

Example: A dual-degree student in the Wharton Graduate School and

the Law School will get Wharton graduate grades in the Wharton

courses and the Law grades in the Law courses.

For more information on grade schemes, see the "Grading" section.

Only the Registrar's Office may change grade schemes. You CANNOT change the grade scheme on an SCE once the course has been graded.

113 SCE Maintenance      JR    COL BA  HIST    SMITH, JOHN


Screen: ___  SID: 123456789  Crs: __________   Term: 02A


                                                                 R D

                            Gr Off Prv Rpt Ldr Gr  Career Ptr    e i    SCE

Ln St Course ID    Credit   Ty Grd Grd Grd Grd Sc  P 1  2  3     p v    Date

                  _____     __ ___         ___ __  _ __ __ __    _     ________


 1 E HIST-021-203  1.00 CU     A-              UC  1                   05-07-02

 2 E NURS-112-001  1.00 CU     A-              UY  1                   05-07-02

 3 E HIST-021-001  0.00 CU  NG                     1                   11-20-01

 4 E HIST-091-401  1.00 CU     A   A-          UC  1                   10-22-08

 5 E ARTH-102-001  1.00 CU     A               UC  1                   05-14-02

 6 E ARTH-102-209  0.00 CU  NG                     1                   01-13-02








      Registered:  4.00 CU                      Page 1 of 1        Next Page _


To change a grade scheme on an SCE:


Establish the context line by entering the SID and TERM on Screen 113.


Press Enter.


Tab to the space directly to the left of the line number of the SCE to which you want to change the grade scheme.


Press Enter.


Tab to the space directly below the GR SC field and type the appropriate grade scheme code or use the PF2, on-line help key.

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