Using Careers in Academic Records
Academic Records

Academic records are histories of students' academic experiences and achievements at the University of Pennsylvania and relevant academic work from other institutions. Available to authorized parties within the University, the academic record includes admissions information, standardized test scores, courses taken, equivalent credits, grades, honors, degrees and other items relevant to students' academic careers.

Transcripts contain only that information from the academic record that may be appropriately viewed by parties outside the University.

A career is all of the student's academic record that is applicable to a specific degree or academic program and that appears on a single transcript. A career is NOT the same as an academic program. A career may consist of one or more academic programs.

All academic record information is associated with at least one career. Career codes are assigned to academic record information in three ways:

- defaulted by means of academic program, not changeable
- defaulted and changeable
- must be asserted

All students at Penn have at least one academic program and all academic programs have career codes associated with them. Academic record information that is associated with these APS (Academic Program Summary) entries is assigned the career code of the APS entry. The career code of the APS entry itself may be changed, but you cannot change the career codes associated with each piece of information.

Example 1: A previous institution connected with an academic
program can ONLY be part of the career that is associated with the
academic program; you cannot change the career.

Example 2: A special program indicator, such as study abroad, can
ONLY be part of the career that is associated with the academic
program on the academic term detail; you cannot change the career.

Course work information is assigned to careers by default rules but you can change the careers associated with course work information.

For submatriculating students, SRS automatically assigns all course work to the career of the primary program. You can change the career codes of any course that you would like to apply to the secondary program.

You must ASSERT career codes in order to add the following academic record information:

- equivalent credit
- transcript text comments

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